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Laser light therapy for pain management.

Are you ready to experience pain relief
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Reduced Pain.        Facilitated Recovery Time.         Boosted Cellular Energy.


When it comes to injuries, there are many side effects. Svyet reduces physical pain and emotional stress associated with your healing journey.


              Improve your quality of life with laser light therapy,                     the new upcoming modality to efficiently treat pain.

Innovative technology. 


The Infralase

The first safe & affordable hand-held high intensity laser therapy device.



Small, ergonomic, and compact.


Eye safe

No protective eyewear needed.  


Skin safe

Optimized temperature sensors.


High Power

30 watts of laser power. 

Our Partners

IPG Photonics is a world leader in laser manufacturing, specializing in telecommunications, semiconductors, welding, military, and medical applications. 

Pacific Coast Sports Medicine is a rehabilitation and therapy clinic based out of Los Angeles, California that works with various Olympic athletes, professional sports teams, and local universities. 

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Science & Research

High-Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT)

HILT can help our bodies recover faster & feel healthier. It can be used for a wide variety of conditions ranging from arthritis to chronic back pain. HILT uses a process called Photobiomodulation, which can essentially be broken down into light, life and change. 

Clinical Studies
Every day there are studies being conducted on the effectiveness of Laser Therapy. These studies take into account the wavelength used, power output, and condition being treated. Recent studies indicate that HILT can be more effective than Ultrasound, Electro-Stim, or Shockwave therapy. 

We want to help you get back to doing the activities you love most.

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